Welcome to TEACH

T.E.A.C.H was founded in 2013 as an organization dedicated to students in grades 6-12. Our program aims to educate participating students about possible career paths, philanthropy, and culture by exposing them to various events and opportunities to give back to the communities in which they belong. This program began as a way to help students expand their borders when thinking about their future careers, and past lessons include time management, dressing for success, public speaking, financial management, and resume workshops.

Success Stories:

TEACH helped me realize what I wanted to study in college, and I was able to plan ahead and get into a top program.

-Grant, 19

I love going on the trips to different places and learning about topics we don't spend a lot of time on in school!

-Tanya, 14

TEACH has helped my daughter gain so much insight into her options after she graduates. She has become more motivated and interested in our community.

-Jennifer, mother of a student


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Consider partnering with T.E.A.C.H.! There are many different ways to become involved, and each will allow us to expand and improve our program.

About Us

TEACH was founded in order to help students grades 6-12 reach their full potential. We offer programs and trips that help students experience alternative professions and learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

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